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Gathered Church

Whether it was in the Temple, in a synagogue or on the shores of Galilee, multitudes gathered to encounter the love of God through the ministry of Jesus. When the Church was born on Pentecost Sunday, 3000 people became followers of Jesus. Acts 2:46 tells us this multitude continued a rhythm of gathering in the Temple and scattering in homes throughout the city. All of our House Churches gather together as one big spiritual family on the first Sunday of the month. We meet at 11am at Purpose Church (301 W Wyoming St. Kalispell). During this time, our children join us for a time of exuberant worship before heading to KidSong. In the same way, Jesus proclaimed Good News, our messages tend to focus less on information and more on transformation. Feel free to sample one here. Our family is growing, maybe you’re meant to join us!

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Scattered Church (House Churches)

2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sundays at 10am

Jesus didn’t limit his ministry to the multitudes who flocked to hear Him.  He regularly ministered in homes.  After gathering and training His disciples, He sent them out to do the same.  In Luke 10, He gave them specific instructions to stay, eat and minister in homes.  The Church was born in a home and followed the same pattern of gathering and scattering.  When persecution arose, Acts 8:1 tells us the believers were “scattered” throughout the entire region.  Yet they continued to preach the Good News everywhere they went and the Church continued to grow (Acts 8:4).  To this day, this is the way the Persecuted Church around the world is growing so rapidly.  It’s spiritual families meeting in homes to worship Jesus.  Each one of our House Churches has its own distinct flavor, but the DNA for “spiritual family” fills them all.  Thus we do a few things together.  First, we read the Bible together.  By this we mean we have a Bible Reading Plan that we love and are each following throughout the week.  It’s comprehensive (covering the entire Bible in 3 years) yet manageable (about a chapter per day) along with being flexible and communal.  On House Church Sundays, we love to discuss what we’re learning.  Anyone can join in at any time!   Additionally, as spiritual families, we value including children in all we do.  We welcome them the same way Jesus did!  While we do not separate them from the adults, we understand short attention spans and encourage parents to bring quiet activities.  Here’s a list of our House Churches.  Pick one and drop in!

The Eayrs

Jeff & Julie
1111 4th St West, Kalispell
Optional Post-Service Potluck

Bigfork HC

Ron & Shannon
Grounded Teen Center 8299 HWY 35, Bigfork
Snacks & Coffee Provided

The Turners

Matt & Dixie
495 Rocky Cliff Drive, Kalispell
Snacks & Coffee Provided

God has a family. Families have kids! We joyfully embrace kids with open arms and strive to provide an atmosphere that is both welcoming and safe. (All of our team members have had background checks.) We want every member of the family to receive a deposit from Jesus every time they are with us!

Because we value God’s Presence highly, we love to have children stay with parents during our worship time so they too can be directly impacted by Him. After all, there is no “junior” Holy Spirit!  After worship, parents may escort their children to the KidSong classrooms.

Catalyst Youth

More than ever before, the youth of today are hungry for something unquestionably real. Beyond the shallow confusion of pop culture, we want to experience unconditional love, supernatural power, and a purpose which changes this planet. Very few of us would argue — the world is broken. We want to fix it, one precious human soul at a time.

A catalyst is a change agent. It’s something which causes change without itself being changed. We believe every student is called to be a catalyst. But before we can become a catalyst, we must first be catalyzed. We love to invite students into a relationship with the greatest Catalyst in the Universe — to encounter crazy love and be forever changed. There is no higher purpose, no stronger love, and no greater adventure. Join us!

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