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Newcomer's Gathering

Most of us experience a range of emotions when we encounter a new environment for the first time.  We get it! We’ve all been there. We wrestle with questions like: Do we share the same values and beliefs?  Is God in this relationship? Does it feel like “family”?

Our Newcomer’s Gathering is a low-threat chance to explore and answer your questions.  It is a one-time gathering that usually would meet over a meal at the Burdick’s house, but is taking place on Zoom during the coronavirus. This is where we share our story, our leadership structure, our system of accountability, our finances and vision & core values. Our next gathering will be announced in the fall - stay tuned!

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Community Groups
For us Community Groups are about “being family” while embracing a mission to add to God’s family. We gather in homes, we eat together; we share life together, we learn and grow together;  we play together and we pray together. This is where we build deep, meaningful relationships that are enriched by each other’s lives.

Tinney | Bigfork

6:30pm - 1st & 3rd Fridays
12827 Trinkus Lane, Bigfork

Creative | Zoom

6:30pm - 3rd Tuesday
Zoom Meeting ID: 406 837 7664
Password: 406

Women's | Kalispell

6pm - 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
1504 Destiny Lane, Kalispell

Ambrose | Kalispell

6pm - 2nd & 4th Thursdays
928 5th Ave E., Kalispell


God has a family. Families have kids! We joyfully embrace kids with open arms and strive to provide an atmosphere that is both welcoming and safe. (All of our team members have had background checks.) We want every member of the family to receive a deposit from Jesus every time they are with us!

Because we value God’s Presence highly, we love to have children stay with parents during our worship time so they too can be directly impacted by Him. After all, there is no “junior” Holy Spirit!  After worship, parents may escort their children to the KidSong classrooms.

Catalyst Youth

More than ever before, the youth of today are hungry for something unquestionably real. Beyond the shallow confusion of pop culture, we want to experience unconditional love, supernatural power, and a purpose which changes this planet. Very few of us would argue — the world is broken. We want to fix it, one precious human soul at a time.

A catalyst is a change agent. It’s something which causes change without itself being changed. We believe every student is called to be a catalyst. But before we can become a catalyst, we must first be catalyzed. We love to invite students into a relationship with the greatest Catalyst in the Universe — to encounter crazy love and be forever changed. There is no higher purpose, no stronger love, and no greater adventure. Join us!

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Our Encounter Ministry is a personal session with 2 or 3 trained individuals designed to help you develop a deeper connection with the voice of Jesus. It has something to offer whether you simply desire a fresh connection with the Lord or need healing from past wounds or trauma. If you desire freedom in any area of your life, we believe an encounter with the Lord can bring that. Together we listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance to replace lies with Biblical truth to heal emotional pain and bring peace to our inner world. It’s more than a theory; it’s a life-changing experience. You will walk away with new life-tools to strengthen your newfound freedom. There is no charge for this ministry.

If you would like to schedule an Encounter Prayer Appointment, send an email to


Done with Small Talk?  Try Alpha!

What is Alpha?  

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the big questions of life in an open, fun and non-judgmental environment. We dive into topics such as What’s the Meaning of Life?, Is There a God?, Who Was Jesus?, etc.  It’s perfect for skeptics, the curious, those who want to explore or strengthen their faith, or anyone wanting to make new friends.  It includes a free meal, a short film and a discussion at the end where you can share your thoughts in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. There’s no pressure, no follow up, no commitment and no charge.  All are welcome. Come check it out!

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