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Jesus didn’t limit his ministry to the multitudes who flocked to hear Him. He regularly ministered in homes. After gathering and training His disciples, He sent them out to do the same. In Luke 10, He gave them specific instructions to stay, eat and minister in homes. The Church was born following the same pattern of gathering and scattering. When persecution arose, Acts 8:1 tells us the believers were “scattered” throughout the entire region. Yet they continued to preach the Good News everywhere they went and the Church continued to grow (Acts 8:4). To this day, this is the way the Persecuted Church around the world is growing so rapidly. It’s spiritual families meeting in homes to worship Jesus. Each one of our House Churches has its own distinct flavor, but the DNA for “spiritual family” fills them all. Thus as spiritual families, we include children in all we do. We welcome them the same way Jesus did! While we do not separate them from the adults, we understand short attention spans and encourage parents to bring quiet activities. Pick one and drop in!

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Jun 11 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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