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Gathered Church — 1st Sundays (11am) at Purpose Church
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Welcome to Family

Family is belonging.  It’s acceptance and security without performance.  It’s connection with people who actually love one another.  Families have a regular rhythm of “gathering” and “scattering” whether it’s a daily juggle of work, school and family meals or a holiday spent with extended family.  Jesus connected us to our Heavenly Father and showed us what it means to be spiritual family.  He did real life.  He ate meals with sinners and gave sermons to saints.  He ministered to families in homes and multitudes on a mountainside.  He gathered disciples, pulled them into the family business, then scattered them to do the same throughout Judea.  We seek to do what Jesus did.  We gather together as an extended spiritual family on the first Sunday of the month and spend the other Sundays in House Churches combining worship with real life.  We would love for you to join us!   

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Most of us experience a range of emotions when we encounter a new environment for the first time.  We get it! We’ve all been there. We wrestle with questions like: Do we share the same values and beliefs?  Is God in this relationship? Does it feel like “family”?

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How Did We Get Here?

In the context of a global pandemic and after a series of “God-incidents” we asked ourselves what (if anything) are we supposed to learn from 2020?

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Gathered Church — 11:00am, 1st Sundays
Purpose Church — 301 W. Wyoming St., Kalispell

Scattered Church — See House Church Schedules on Connect Page


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